Standard Conversion

On 16 April 2022, Federal Law No. 114-FZ was enacted providing that with effect from 27 April 2022:

  1. any circulation of depositary receipts representing shares in PJSC Gazprom (the "DRs" and "Shares", respectively) outside of the Russian Federation shall be terminated;
  2. no DR holder shall have voting rights or receive any dividends;
  3. the right to receive Shares upon DR conversion may be exercised only by a DR holder that has this status as of 27 April 2022.

On 29 April 2022, PJSC Gazprom submitted an instruction to The Bank of New York Mellon to terminate the Deposit Agreement and close the DR Programmes.

Upon surrendering the DRs for conversion, the Shares may be credited to your account (the "Account"If you do not have an account to receive the Shares, you should first (prior to the conversion) open such an account with any Russian depositary or with a foreign depositary acting as a foreign nominee and holding a securities account at a Russian depositary.)

  • opened with a foreign depositary acting as a foreign nominee and holding a securities account at a Russian depositary
  • or opened with a Russian depositary

Please be informed that if your securities account is held with a foreign depositary acting as a foreign nominee and holding a securities account with a Russian depositary, your presence, or the presence of your representative acting under a power of attorney, in the Russian Federation, including for the purposes of your identification under Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 115-FZ dated 07 August 2001 "On Counteraction to Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing" (the "Russian AML/CFT Law"), concluding an agreement, or making a transaction through the securities account, is not required.

In order to convert your DRs into the Shares you will need to perform the following actions

Step 1

Contact your broker or the depositary maintaining records with respect to your DRs, and initiate the procedure to de-register your DRs and transfer the same to the following account with the Depository Trust Company (DTС):

Participant No.: 2504
Account No.: 016201
Operation type: FOP

Step 2

Send to BNY Mellon an application to convert the DRs (the "TRANSMITTAL LETTER") in .pdf format, as well as the completed electronic certification form (the Depositary Receipt Cancellation form is attached hereto), to the email address

For up-to-date information from BNY Mellon as the DR Issuer, please visit the website at, follow the section “Directory — DRs by Country — Russia”

Settlement Option 1: to receive the Shares on an account with any Russian depositary or with a foreign depositary acting as a foreign nominee and holding a securities account at a Russian depositary, please complete the TRANSMITTAL LETTER

Settlement Option 2: receiving the Shares on a securities account with the Gazprombank depositary

Gazprombank acts as the Custodian under the Custody Agreement with BNY Mellon concluded as part of PJSC Gazprom’s DR Programme. To receive shares on the holder’s securities account opened with Gazprombank’s depositary, please complete the TRANSMITTAL LETTER.

Step 3

Send the instruction to accept the Shares to the Russian or foreign depositary where you have the account to maintain record of the Shares.

If you choose Settlement Option 1, please specify in the instruction to accept the Shares the reference number indicated in the settlement details (your depositary should provide it to you).

Due to the fact that on January 1, 2023, the Resolution of the Bank of Russia’s Board of Directors “On establishing certain requirements to the activities of securities market professionals who render brokerage services in view of the provisions of Federal Law No. 46-FZ dated March 8, 2022” dated April 29, 2022, was cancelled, the depository of Gazprombank does not have the right to open a Type C securities account under a simplified procedure for those holders of depositary receipts issued for PJSC Gazprom shares who are non-residents of the Russian Federation.

In the event you need to open a securities account to keep records of securities with a depository of Bank GPB (JSC), you can contact an office of the Bank which provides depository services and open the account under a standard procedure established by the Depository Terms and Conditions, which require that you undergo the identification process to open an account.

You can find the Depository Terms and Conditions on the website of the Bank in the “Depository Services” section or request said document for your review and study at any office of the Bank you find convenient, provided that such office offers customer support in terms of depositary services.

The addresses and telephone numbers of the Bank offices that provide customer support to individuals in terms of depositary services are available on the website in the “Depository Services” section or by phone via the centralised information service at

+7 495 913 7474 and 8 800 100 0701 (toll-free in Russia).